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Force Door Kit

If your department needs a forcible entry door than this kit is for you.  Our force door is an inward swinging door and a supporting cage framework that also supports our outward swinging door that can be purchased as an add on. Our force door comes with 4 Hogwall panels, 8 posts to connect the wall panels, and 1 gate which gives your maze some internal structure. Also included is a window and a breaching obstacle. 


The Force Door Kit puts the focus of training on forcing the door, masking up and making entry then finishing with a bailout or wall breach.  

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Hogwall Intro Kit

Our next kit changes the game in a way that no other SCBA confidence maze can.  Your department can create a maze where firefighters can train on door control, wall breaching, and window bailouts then transition to a small room layout.  Add your own furniture and create real world scenarios in which firefighters must force, mask, search and find alternate ways to exit. 


Included in the Hogwall Intro kit is 6 Hogwall panels, 10 posts and 3 gates. 1 window, 1 door and 1 breaching obstacle, as well as 1 set of 'T' channels to build your own obstacle, are also included.

Our Force Door is sold seperately.


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Hogwall Half Kit

The Hogwall Half Kit starts to really increase your training  possibilities.  Large confidence mazes with multiple turns and obstacles.  Hallways and multiple room layouts increase the number of real world scenarios as well.  Force the door, mask up and search down the hallway clearing rooms as you go.  Firefighter safety and survival exercises as well as rapid itervention programs can finally be trained on in-house. 

With the Hogwall Half Kit your department gets a 12 hogwall panel training arena.  20 posts and 8 gates round out the structural components.  Use the included 2 windows, 2 doors, 2 breaching props and 2 sets of 'T' channels and the training possibilities are endless.  The Force Door Is sold seperately. 

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Hogwall Pro Kit

The sky is the limit on training scenarios with the Hogwall Pro kit.  This kit is the one that put us on the map and traveled all over the northeast putting training sessions on day in and day out.  The Hogwall Pro Kit easily handles a class size of 20 firefighters with multiple scenarios and no down time.  With an infinite number of maze configurations and obstacle combinations your firefighters come out confident to take on any job that comes their way. Multiple rooms, hallways, closets and entry and exit points make real world training in the bay of the firehouse easy.  


The Hogwall Pro kit contains 24 panels, 30 posts and 16 gates for construction of your training designs.  Add your 3 windows, 3 doors and 3 wall breaching obstacles and you have yourself an acquired structure inside the firehouse. We throw in 3 sets of 'T' channels so you can add more obstacles to your kit. The Force Door is sold separately.

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