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About Dynamic Training Systems

DTS was created in 2018 with a drawing on a scrap piece of paper and an idea that there has to be a better way for firefighters to train and maintain proficiency on interior operations without leaving the firehouse.  

Self contained breathing apparatus are at the core of everything we do in the fire service.  Confidence in using, wearing and manipulating SCBA is of paramount importance.  Therefore the SCBA firefighter confidence training maze should be at the center of any training program.  Moving forward with this understanding a few guidelines were created in which to build this training system around...

1.  The system must create an environment where firefighters learn and become more confident and proficient with their personal protective equipment and their interior firefighting skills. 

2. The system must be different than anything else currently being used to train firefighters.

3.  The system must be modular, lightweight, durable, portable, quick to set up and able to be delivered directly to the training venue. 

4.  The system must be able to perform the duties of a firefighter confidence training maze but also easily transition into more realistic floor plan designs.

Dynamic Training Systems' Hogwall Firefighter Training System meets all of this criteria all while being able to be set up in about 30 minutes. Over the last five years DTS training partners have used the Hogwall Firefighter Training System to train firefighters in all 6 New England states with great reviews.  DTS has never had to replace damaged components.  It is with great pride that DTS is now offering the Hogwall Firefighter Training System to municipal fire departments.   

Thank you for taking the time to check out the site!

- Chris 

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